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How to Layer Your Outfits with a Slimming Bodysuit

slimming bodysuit

Bodysuits are how you look slim even with an unshapely figure. These are seamless shapewear pieces that press the bulges and give you a sleek look. In very simple words, slimming bodysuit can hide the fat and make you look like you are a regular at the gym!

So, find some of these wonderful slimming bodysuit pieces at Feelingirl. But, knowing how to wear them the right way can help you have the best results.

How to Layer Your Outfits with a Slimming Bodysuit for Maximum Impact

Here are some simple things you can do get the most out of your Feelingirl bodysuits. Wear them every day and look slim and curvy.

1. Choose Dark Colors

The slimming effect of your bodysuit can be better if its color is dark. The mostly common dark shades can be black, navy blue, or dark brown. These colors hide the fatty and flabby areas of your body. So, your figure looks better and you get an overall slim look.

slimming bodysuit dark color

2. Match with High-Waist Bottoms

A slimming bodysuit looks even better with a pair of high-waist bottoms. These could be jeans, formal pants or a high-waist skirt. These give the tummy more compression, making it look flatter and well-toned.

An out-of-shape abdomen area is a problem most of us have. But the best way to tuck it in without workout is to wear a bodysuit. An extra layer of a tummy-control shapewear can also give you good results. But high-waist bottoms do almost the same job. Plus, these make your dress look complete. You don’t have to put on any more layers for a perfect outfit.

hight waist bottom

3. Add a Jacket

If you need a stylish look, put on a jacket over your bodysuit. For a casual but cool look, wear a light denim jacket. While for a formal look, you can wear a more formal dinner jacket or even a coat. The overall look will be sleek as well as cool.

denim jacket

4. Use Full Coverage Bodysuits

The best slimming bodysuits can provide an all-over slimming effect. These are full coverage bodysuits. When you put it on, the suit gives compression to all your body. So, you look slim from top to toe.

But, there is one more use for full coverage bodysuits. You can wear them as your complete outerwear option. Feelingirl has many stylish full bodysuits. So, put them on, look slim, and step out for your daily business.

coverage bodysuit

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5. Make Sure you are Comfortable

Slimming shapewear gives the best results if you are comfortable. If you wear shapewear that’s smaller than your size, it won’t do a good job at smoothing out bulges and covering up the fat areas. Similarly, if you wear a bigger size, it will not give you the right compression.

So, visit Feelingirl, check out the size charts, and select bodysuits that offer the perfect fit to you. the right size is also comfortable.

Final Words

One great thing about bodysuits is that you can add layers of other clothing pieces for a stylish look. Plus, if you choose the right clothes, such as high-waist bottoms and cool jackets, you can make yourself look slimmer.