Obrol · September 30, 2012 5

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

 ” All of us have someone who is hidden in the bottom of heart. When we think of him, we will feel like umm.. Always feel a little pain inside. But we still want to keep him. Even though I don’t know where he is today, what is he doing, but he is the one who make me know this.. ”

“This book is funny but it makes me know how much that you have tried”

“She looked the same, cute as always.”


“Touched her hand for the first time but I had to release it coz others would curious.”

“Gave her an apple but I bit it.”

“You’ve been better. Fight!! Nam.”

“Love can win everything, especially fear.”

“Me too, want you to ride on my back…”

” Today I gave the rose to Nam, I said it was from my friend. Its because I am tight-lipped “


( P’ Shone nanem bunga ini dari bunga itu kecil, eh pas ngasih ke Nam malah bilang dari temennya 🙁 )

” Today I saw Top confessed.. You know I’m hurt? Why our time never match? “


” Waiting is easy. You know what’s hard? Realizing that the one you are waiting for is not coming back anymore “
Nam nyatain cinta ke P’Shone waktu kelulusan… P’Shone masuk ke kolam renang, Nam dateng..

P’Shone : Nam, you haven’t signed my shirt?
Nam      : P’Shone ka.. I have something to tell you. I like you very much been loving for 3 years. I’ve done everything changed myself in every aspects because of you. Nam applied for a classical dancer club, played a stage drama. Be a drum major, be better at studying. It’s for you.. But I know for now that the thing that I should do the most and should have done since a long time ago is telling you straightly that I Love You..
(Nam ngasih bunga ke P’Shone. Abis nangis dia liat di baju P’Shone ada tulisan “Pin Love Son” #cengo)
Nam : P’Pin and P’Shone?
P’Shone : (ngangguk)
Nam : When?
P’Shone :Just a week ago
Nam : P’Pin and P’Shone are together. You two are suitable. Cute. Hope you’ll be happy #ngenes (Nam ampe jatoh ke kolem renang)
(sebenernya yang P’Shone ama P’Pin jadian tuh boong. Sengaja, soalnya P’Shone udah janji ke P’Top ga suka sama Nam)
Ending :
9 tahun kemudian, Nam udah jadi designer terkenal di New York. Diundang ke acara reality show.
Mereka berdua dipertemukan karena buku yang pernah dikasih P’Shone ke Nam…
MC : Do you have something to tell Khun Nam?
P’Shone : I want to tell you that.. (ngeluarin kancing). This button is not mine. It maybe Ding’s.
MC : How about you Khun Nam? Do you have something to tell him?
Nam : I want to ask P’Shone that have you been married?
P’Shone : Umm.. I have. I have been waiting for someone to come back from the US.
Nam : (nangis seneng) 🙂
mai roo waa naan kae nai tee chun dtong ton gup took sing.
bit bung kwaam jing nai jai took took yaang. 
*took krung tee rao pop gun took krung tee ter hun maa.
tee chun cher-ee roo mai chun feun kae nai.

dai yin mai hua jai chun mun gum-lung bork ruk ruk ter yoo.
dtae chun mai art ja bert pia jai ork bai hai krai dai roo.
dai yin mai hua jai chun yung koi yoo dtrong nun.
ror hai ter bert doo lae wung piang kae ter roo suk wun neung.

tung tee chun gor ruk tung tee chun gor roo seuk dtae suan leuk kaang nai yung mai glaa. 

took krung tee rao pop gun took krung tee ter hun maa. 
tee chun cher-ee roo mai chun feun kae nai. 


I don’t know how much longer that I have to put up with you
I’ve been hiding everythings in my heart

Everytime we meet each other, Everytime we face each other
Though I am indifferent.. Do you know how much have I have to force myself?
Can’t you hear my heart calling for you, loving you
But I can’t release my heart out for anyone to know
Can’t you hear my heart’s waiting there for you
Waiting for you to feel it. I was hoping that you will realize someday
Though I love you, though I feel (your love)
But deep down inside, I can’t dare to tell you
Everytime we meet each other, Everytime we face each other
Though I am indifferent. Do you know how much have I have to force myself?